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    • Distillers' Charity Scholarship

      We would like to share the brilliant news that the Worshipful Company of Distillers has set up the Distillers' Charity Scholarship, specifically for our work-based learning Foundation (FdSc) Degree in Addictions Counselling. We are so very grateful to be in a position to announce this opportunity to all our current and potential degree applicants.

      The Scholarship will pay for the full two years of tuition fees for one student who starts our FdSc in Addictions Counselling in September 2020. Of course, there is an application process but the good news is we will accept applications from any person who has applied or is going to apply to do the degree this year. Each application will be assessed by a panel and we will look at a range of factors when deciding who to award the scholarship to.

      Please complete the application form below and send it to distillersscholarship@actiononaddiction.org.uk by 9am, 1st June 2020.

      If you need any advice or guidance around the process, please e-mail training@actiononaddiction.org.uk

      *The degree is a franchised programme of the University of Bath. A top 10 UK University.

    • Do you want to know more about our Addictions Counselling Degree?

      The Foundation (FdSc) and BSc (Hons) degrees in Addictions Counselling are frachised programmes of the University of Bath.

      Hear from some of our students and staff below.

      Scroll down for our FREE taster course on Addiction and Recovery.

    • What is Addiction and Recovery? FREE taster course

      In this short 20 minute taster course we will:

      1. Introduce some different types of addiction
      2. Talk about definitions of addiction
      3. Discuss the impact addiction has.
      4. Look at how addiction can be treated.
      5. Explore recovery from addiction.


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    • The Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies (CATS)

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