Weekly outline

  • Welcome to your support page.

    Sometimes it can be really difficult when someone you know or live with can behave in a way which is upsetting or frightening.

    When people drink too much alcohol, use illegal drugs, or they gamble a lot of their money away for example, it can really affect the people around them. 

    We want you to know that:
    • You are not alone
    • That it is ok to feel lots of different things when you are going through this kind of situation.
    • We also want to give you some advice on taking care of yourself and keeping yourself safe.

    Visit each of the sections below for help and support.
    • You are not alone ...

      Sometimes, you can feel like you are the only person going through a really difficult time. It can often feel very lonely and isolating.

      We want you to remember you are not alone. Click on the links below to find out more.

    • It's ok to have lots of different feelings ...

      When we are affected by somone else's alcohol or drug use or other type of addictive behaviour, we can feel all sorts of emotions.

      Sadness, shame, guilt, anger, fear and embarassment are all normal emotions. Click on the links below to hear more from Matt about why it's ok to have lots of different feelings.